After the London Lockdown Images series I wanted to feel in a different mood. So, I browsed through the hundreds of photos I took in Miami, a city which will forever stay in my heart. Miami gave me love, fun, amazing suntan and many, many chan...

Brick Lane is probably my last stop or the one before the last. I still have the City to explore, but it is not a major issue as the City is dead during the weekend. So, you don't need a virus to see it empty...In the meantime, let's enjoy Bri...

Nothing in Notting Hill...I confess that looking at this colorful area of London, now so empty, makes me feel like a survivor after a cataclysm... 

One of my favorite places in London which enabled me to be finalist at the Travel Photography of the Year Award in 2019. Camden is not everyone's pick, but who can blame me for liking it so much? I hope you like it. 

A glimpse of some of the oldest and most famous streets of London.

If you really want to see how the coronavirus has changed our normal habits, you must see these pictures taken between Soho And Chinatown soon after the announcement of the lockdown. I took my bicycle and I can guarantee you that I have NEVER...

Here we are in Mayfair. An incredibly elegant area now even more visible due to its deserted streets.

What we are living today is a historical moment. Never, ever in my imagination I would have expected to live in a pandemic. As such, taking advantage of my "exercise hour" I decided to take my lovely bicycle, grab my camera and take a few shot...

A great event for photographers and people who love vibrant colors and celebrations...the amount of people taking part to such happening was unbelievable. Lovely day, happy shooting. 

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