I am a working professional in the financial industry, but I remain fundamentally a creative soul, expressing myself through photography and writing.

My love for photography started when I was only seventeen, thanks to a gift I received from my father, a Canon T70.


I consider photography as a moment of abstraction, a discreet way for me to absorb the energy of people and things around me without me interfering with their natural course of events.


Photography is my perception: it is what my soul can feel, what my eyes can see but my words can't tell. 

Writing is my imagination: it is what my soul can feel, what my words can tell but my eyes can't see.

My website was born to the encouragement of my friends to exhibit my photos.

My passion for writing culminated in my novels "I, Destiny" and "BLUE" (you can order them here on Amazon) born to my need to create a world that my photography wasn't able to.

Photography and writing have been and always will be important parts of my life and I owe them my balance and my joy of making my dreams come true.


Thank you for visiting my website.