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Vietri sul mare (on the sea), the first stop on the Amalfi Coast: is it worth a visit? Absolutely!

Vietri sul mare is the first or the last town of the Amalfi Coast. It all depends where you're driving from: it is literally attached to Salerno, but it's the last town if you drive from the Penisola Sorrentina (Sorrento Peninsula). I often skipped Vietri or, better, I always skipped it when Amalfi Coast was my weekly escape, because I couldn't wait to drive to Positano, the place where my journey ended and my dreams started. This time around though, it was a fundamental stop for me to complete my Amalfi Coast photographic adventure. Well, let's start then: Vietri is just colorful, embraced between the warm golden hours of the sunset and the paint, graffiti and ceramics of its buildings that accompany your walk from the entrance from the Coast side to the beautiful terrace overlooking the Duomo. That's where I usually stop for an ice-cream and the last bit of sun. All in all, it only takes 5-7min walk from one end to the other, unless you want to go down to the beach, all the way down for a 15min descent. Once you reach sea level you'll think it was worth it, because its little bars and restaurants are waiting to welcome you in their colorful structures. For a bit of history, take a lovely walk to the Duomo, which I found so beautiful and unique. As usual, I am posting some photos of Vietri as well. For the bulk, I'd suggest you visit my Amalfi Coast page for a record breaking 120+ photos to look at:) I wish you all a lovely day!

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