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Old Dubai: a glimpse of Al Fahidi district (Al Seef, Al Bastakiya) and Dubai Creek

Finally, after eight years, I had the opportunity to visit Dubai again. I came back home surprised at how well it has been designed and how ready the city is to continue to host "transplants" of newly conceived architectural ideas or inspirations taken from other cities all around the world. I didn't stay long but I have been there enough to maximize my time and explore this amazing city. With my camera glued to my hand I set myself on exploration mode and visited as much as I could. Most of my excursions were related to the old town or what's left of it which develops for a big part (at least for what I have seen) around the historical Al Fahidi district, mostly in the areas of Al Seef, Al Bastakiya and Dubai Creek. Obviously, I know that I have missed many places but I also know that I have visited most of those I wanted to. The result is that I came back home fully loaded with photos of the old Dubai that I prefer to regroup in a Special rather than publish just a few of them under my Dubai page. I will continuously update my website so, feel free to revisit whenever you have time. Thanks and I hope you enjoy:)


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