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My passion for violin: the encounter with Maristella Patuzzi

I am a beginner musician: I have a tenor sax, a keyboard and a classic guitar. I read music so well as a first grader at school reads a book. Music is like a language and I already speak 7, not all of them fluently but good enough to survive when I travel. During my trips I often bump into street musicians who share their talent with bystanders like me. Many are goods, some are great, as I happened to experience during my stay in Riga, Latvia, where I realized that those who were playing this wonderful instrument on the street were part of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra. One in particular, though, will remain in my mind: Maristella Patuzzi. We met in Lugano shortly before the pandemic. I was sitting at a table of an outdoor restaurant and she was walking her dog. I went to her and i started to speak about her dog, because i love them, ending up talking about arts, music and Paganini, in particular, whose Caprice 24 is one of the most stunning pieces of music I have ever heard. After a nice chat and before going our own way, she pulled a CD from her purse and handed it over to me: 'Paganini: Caprices for Solo Violin'. I could not hold back my joy! The surprises were not over yet, though. After just a moment I realized who the artist was: Maristella herself. I have been listening to her CD almost every weekend when I wake up, since the day she gave it to me, with particular attention to Caprice 24, my favorite. We continued to stay in touch and Maristella also received a copy of my novel 'I, Destiny' as a gift from artist to artist. As of today, I did not have the opportunity to take photos of Maristella yet, but this is something that I'll definitely try to do in future. For now, I am happy to post her image that you will find on her website with all the info about her artistic career. The encounter with Maristella was beautiful. Thanks to our conversation and her gift, I decided to post a few images of street musicians taken during my trips. I hope you'll enjoy them:)


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