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Amalfi Coast tour by motorcycle: my dream comes true

I was born near the Amalfi Coast: 37km far, to be precise. I was there when I was 3 years old, then was there again when I was 27. For three years that was my regular weekend pre-summer. I had the possibility to be there again this year after more than two decades with a motorcycle, my favorite transport means since I was 14. It all happened again last year and since then I have been on the coast 3 times: June, September and April again this year, by motorcycle as in the old good days and with my beloved cameras (I have used three different models:). First stop was Amalfi where I finally explored its little alleys; secondly, I went to Ravello and Positano; lastly, i stopped in Atrani, Cetara and Vietri on the sea. Cetara was eventually the little town I fell in love with. I am posting a few images, with the bulk posted on the Amalfi Coast dedicated page. I will update them regularly and, in the meantime, I hope you will like what you see:). I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


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