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  My passion for writing culminated in my literary works: "I, Destiny," a philosophical Drama, "BLUE," an international action Thriller; "Fairy Tales and Fables in the Lockdown," a Fantasy work, and  "L'Impero di Cartax," a Parody (Italian Edition only) of the corporate world, all born to my need to create a world my photos weren't able to. You can visit my Amazon Author's Page for more details.


I, Destiny (Screenplay available)A story that reflects the challenges of life and makes you contemplate your part in fulfilling your destiny, while offering an original solution to the unsolved sociological dilemma of Pre-determinism v. Free Will: is it chance or simply choices one makes? The story is both poetic and startling in its realism.

BLUE(Screenplay available)A sensitive boy, marginalized by his family, turns into a killer escaping the Soviet Union to the U.S. But when his ascent to power seems unstoppable, an encounter with a kid will set events in motion that force him, and those around him, to come to terms with history.

Fairy Tales and Fables in the Lockdown: The lonely life of a period in Grammar Land; The challenge of chasing dreams that a little boy launches at the sea; The romantic story between a grain of sand and a small wave; The wish of a faceless girl and her friendship with the stars; The misadventures of two aristocratic Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and their family; An evil cloud, madly envious of the moon …and finally, The impossible love between a tractor and a Lotus.

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