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Terms and Conditions

By using Street Glimpses website ('Website') you accept to comply with all the laws, rules and regulations related to your use of the Website, including Privacy and Intellectual Property.

Intellectual Property Rights

By using Street Glimpses you acknowledge that any photography or video available on the Website, including Street Glimpses Logo, is of exclusive and sole ownership of Alessandro Abate, unless otherwise stated, and protected by copyright laws with all rights reserved in favor of Alessandro Abate and the Website operated under his direct ownership. By acknowledging Alessandro Abate's copyright claim, you may not reproduce, transfer, download, transmit, display, license, print, copy, trade or derive any work from in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of Alessandro Abate.

For any information related to the permission to use Alessandro Abate's copyrighted material displayed on the Website contact us HERE..      


You agree to compensate and hold harmless Alessandro Abate and Street Glimpses for any liability, claims, losses and costs of any kind resulting from your use of the Website which is not in compliance with the Terms and Conditions stated in this disclaimer,

Applicable Law

Any claim or dispute related to the infringement of Intellectual Property Rights of exclusive ownership of Alessandro Abate as stated in this disclaimer, shall be governed by the Law of the European Union and the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

Contact us

For any questions about Alessandro Abate's intellectual Property Rights please contact us HERE.

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